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Covid-19 vaccine: should I or shouldn't I?

Hi. Just wondering if any of you have received the Covid-19 vaccine. If so, did you have any side effects? Still contemplating getting the vaccine, but there are horror stories out there that just scare the bejesus out of me. I know I should get it because if I don't, the alternative isn't good either.
Thanks for your input.

  1. I have had the vaccine and the only side effect was a sore arm my second is in 2 weeks. You don’t find out which one you had till afterwards I had the pzeier ( not how it’s spelt) but that was at a hospital where it’s more likely to be than a vaccination centre due to the need for a very cold storage temperatures. Others I know who’ve had Astra Zeneca have felt unwell but they don’t have MS.

    1. Hi eggladym1. Have you talked with you doctor about whether you should get the vaccine? The National MS Society anticipated questions like this, so they pulled together a panel of experts to make recommendations about the vaccine. Here is a link to the article: You might also be interested in this article from one of our advocates about her decision to get vaccinated: We had not gotten a lot of feedback from members about side effects beyond those listed by the CDC. Regardless, you have to make a decision that is comfortable for you. I hope some of this helps. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

      1. I recently received the first shot so far I' had sore arm for 2days I have a red spot on both arms but not sure if the shot had anything to do with it I'm keeping eye on both spots

    2. , I know Lori and many others have and will offer you valuable feedback.
      All I can offer is my personal experience with the vax. I was thrilled to the point of calling all my loved ones to let them know I got the "golden ticket!" make that golden letter. It said I was considered "clinically extremely vulnerable," and thus eligible to book my jab. Different system up here on Canada's west coast than below the 49th.

      The only discomfort on my vaccination day was a long, standing, disorganized lineup. The needle itself, I watched go in, and felt nothing but a little coldness. No other particularly debilitating side effects in the days following, either - just a but of soreness at the injection site, and some stiffness in that arm. Fatigue, could be, but that's my 'normal,' and any outing - esp one with a lot of standing - would leave me slightly bagged for a day or two. 😉

      FWIW, I was given the Pfizer shot. I'll be notified by our provincial health authority when I'm eligible for dose number 2. Unfortunately our vax stocks are tighter here, and they're not giving the stuff out with begging incentive rewards like news indicates to be happening in parts of the States.

      Honestly, I was delighted to get this shot. And I'm very hesitant about most vaccinations. I thanked everyone working the vaccination site that day. Egg lady, whatever you decide, it's your choice, and your body. And every body will react to a vax differently. I did the risk-benefit analysis. Then I decided that a lethal world-wide pandemic was the mountain that I'd let my vaccine reluctance die on. 😊

      1. Hi jenniem. I appreciate your input. I'm still on the fence. Here in the U.S. it's hard to tell who is being "truthful" about these "vaccines", which in my opinion are not vaccines. A vaccine is usually 1 and done. If it's something that you have to get 2 of (or now they're saying you may need more than 2 per year) then it's not a vaccine. It's sounds more like the flu shot which I do get. I don't trust our government or any of the bozos they have in the CDC. They contradict themselves so much, you don't know what to think. I have a problem with the fact that the "vaccine" didn't go through the normal protocol that vaccines usually do. WE are the test animals . When you have people in the medical field refusing the vaccine, it really makes you wonder if they (the CDC or our government) have an arterial motive for pushing the vaccine.

        Sorry for unloading this bunch of crap, but I'm just very frustrated. But I want all if you to know, I do appreciate your input.

        Thank you so much.

      2. , yes, it is a very personal choice. I hear you. I've never been an eager vax'er - for myself or my son.
        The best any of us can do is some research, some critical thinking about the sources we view as verifiably credible... then perhaps after some soul searching, we make the best educated and ethical decision we can with the authenticated facts we have.
        Sending you my good thoughts & wishes with your decision making, Egg 🙂

    3. Lori, I got it on Apr 14th. Happy that my man's finally gotten the 'magic' notice too & is booked for his tomorrow. Yaay!

      1. , woo hoo! That's awesome! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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