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Dentist office that accommodates patient in a powerchair?

I live in the northern California Bay Area. I can't find a dental office to accommodate my powerchair. My chair can lay-back, elevate-up has all the bells and whistles. I live in my chair 24/7. I have Progressive MS; I have to stay in my chair unless my hospital admits me, puts me under, and does dental work!!! I contacted every dental affiliate, and yes my dental insurance, to NO avail. Help?!?!

  1. My husband's dental office does his dental work in his chair. The hygenist moves the instruments around to accommodate. I would recommend asking them to accommodate you under the Americans with Disabilities Act as a public provider of services. Here are the ADA requirements for small businesses to move things around to treat you and who to file your complaint with if they don't. The Department of Labor should be able to help you if they don't cooperate.

    1. Thank you Donna. The dentist i see tries to accommodate me in my powerchair but space is very limited, he stands above me on a stool the entire time with his assistant hovering on top of me as well. The dentist appt is not a pleasant one even to the normal person so for me with the limited space his work is not his best either, I'm always having to go back to get fixed.
      Thank you again for the info

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