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Does anyone experience lengthy diarrhea? This has been bothering me for months. I went to gastroenterologist and I have nine bottles that I have to fill. So far I have not been able to accomplish this. It's like having to go for urine tests. But now this time, it is poop on demand. Earlier I did have a problem with urinary tract infections. Finally that went away and instead I have diarrhea. These darn problems with MS.

  1. @vvxjr9, I too deal with ongoing diarrhea. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) after the gastroenterologist tested me for Crohn's, SIBO, colitis and celiac, which were all negative. Initially I had only chronic constipation, but have since developed chronic diarrhea and control it with Imodium tablets and eating more starch. Eating smaller amounts at one sitting helps me prevent incontinence. It's a temporary fix and there is little else I can do.

    You might already know that multiple sclerosis can cause a digestive disorder called gastroparesis, where the stomach can't properly empty itself. Perhaps your doctor performed that test as well?

    Finding ways to manage diarrhea can take time and involve a bit of trial and error. It's something that keeps me home and a bit nervous to venture out in case I have a bathroom emergency.

    Thanks for sharing your problem with us, it affects so many people! Best, Kim, moderator

    1. Hi, my gastroenterologist is going to be doing a colonoscopy and endoscopy on this Thursday to see what is going on with me. I sure hate going through all that bad prep for the colonoscopy. I don't handle it well and usually throw up some, it's just plain nasty.

    2. @vvxjr9, yes, it's not something I look forward to, either. Hope you'll let us know the results. Take care. Best, Kim, moderator

  2. I also started having it for almost 2 months. Can i consider it as a relapse and go for cortisone?

    1. @Hiba, I'd suggest you describe your symptoms to your doc and get their opinion, since diarrhea can be caused by other things, too. I hope you've found something to relieve it in the meantime. Best, Kim, moderator

      1. I have been diagnosed with “microscopic colitis”. Along with MS😥. Like I told my Gastro guy the two do NOT go well together. First line of defense with MS is steroids & antibiotics? He didn’t know how to answer me. Right now I’m on antibiotics for my urine retention issues due to MS and it’s causing ALOT of havoc with my colitis. It sucks running to find a bathroom and not making it in time😥😥. Totally embarrassing 😥😥

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