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Not a smoker - are there any others who suffer from very dry mouth?

Very recently (2 days ago) while I was out for a walk I experienced a very dry mouth. No saliva. Felt like I was going to choke (usually have a water bottle with me, not this time). This was the first time and I tried not to panic... so I stood still and didn't breathe. I found a little bit of saliva & swallowed and try to find somewhere I could get water or gum, etc. Has anyone else experienced this? You could imagine it was very frightening.

  1. Contalita, I can imagine how frightening it must have been! I've had problems with dry mouth, too.That very thing you describe has happened to me.

    Taking certain medications caused mine: Zyrtec for allergies and Vesicare for urinary urgency. Early on, dry mouth caused me to choke on food if I didn't take a swig of water with each bite.

    Later, chronic dry mouth caused a blocked salivary duct and infected gland. The infection became chronic and very painful, so I had the gland removed. Now I suck on sugarless lemon drops to stimulate saliva production and stay well-hydrated. While those things don't totally solve the problem, they have helped me.

    Thank you for talking about dry mouth, it's a problem so many MS patients experience. Always good to hear from you! --Kim, moderator

    1. Hello, Kim Dolce Thank You, taking the time to answer my my question, now thinking back on that day I usually have sugarless gum, & it was helpful when you mentioned about medications, due to being online for MS I always have to track my symptoms and feed it back to the company( they actually provide a rather lengthy form) & If I am having a good eyesight day I think completed.The scrip that I'm currently taking I'm 3 months into it and haven't had a any symptoms, I to. read all the patient information for any medication & vitamins that I'm taking & happy have suddenly dry mouth isn't one of the symptoms so, I recently spoke with my general Dr. & Nuro. Both are concerned that it very well may be a new MS symptom(along with 1st a mid-level ringing in both ears that hasn't stopped) & has requested new MRI #3.

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