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Esophageal dysmotility disorder

Hi, Not diagnosed as of right now but I'm having lots of non-specific symptoms. I am being treated for Atypical facial pain. Went to DDS for constant mouth pain. He sent me to Oral surgeon. OS sent me to Neurologist. MRI showed a few spots but nothing pointing to MS. Facial pain started in 2012. I take Amitripitlyn for FP. Recent symptoms are total brain fog. I got switched from one school to another because I just could not keep my thoughts together. I would count and recount constantly. I knew this had to be neurological because these were simple mistakes. I work for local school district in kitchen. I even sought help from Family Dr who put me on hormone replacement. That did not help. Recently I noticed loss of balance, comes and goes, I fell up the stairs on vacation at sisters house and blamed it on my shoes. I did this 2 times. I have had trouble swallowing for a while now. Rationalized this away too (Its from tonsils being taken out 20 years previous) Then I noticed nobody else cough and chokes while eating. Recently went to EC because I could not urinate. Had CT and MRI but had no definitive answer. Just did Barium swallow and it showed Significant acid reflux and Esophogeal dysmotility disorder. Can this EDD be from MS? Thanks so Much!!

  1. Hi MarieE,

    I'm so sorry that you are going through so much right, and have been for so long. Consulting with a neurologist is the best thing you could do if you might have MS. Consulting with a gastroenterologist and/or speech-language pathologist would be helpful for problems with the esophagus. Sounds like you've already had some testing.

    In answer to your last question, yes, problems swallowing can be related to MS; but they can also be related to other conditions as well. My mother has scleroderma which causes esophageal dysmotility.

    The National MS Society has a publication (aimed at professionals) that discusses several ways that swallowing can be affected in MS. It's available as a pdf - .

    Here is information we have on our website about swallowing problems as well:

    Thank you for reaching out. Please know that you are welcome to come by for information or support whenever you need. We're here for you.

    Lisa, moderator

    1. Hi, Thank you for the links and personal info. I Thankfully found out I do not MS. I was ready to manage it as soon as I knew what was going on. I still have the EDD. So far the treatment is not working. The sad thing is that a nurse or another staff member calls you with results but she has no idea what she is talking about. She actually googled EDD. I can make a follow appt but that's another $50.00. I have that MRI/CT/EC visit yet to pay. So not I wait like I did for the MS news. It's just so frustrating. I did do what she said an used different Anacids but how else can I manage it. I go thru peroids of constant throat clearing. I'm already thinking I'm going to tell people what my problem is. Anyway. I appreciate your help! What a wonderful site. Maybe we should start one for my disorder! HMm! Thanks Lisa for letting me vent! Marie

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