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How can I help my wife who is living with MS?

My wife is the person with MS. I was hoping I might get some help with, helping her.

  1. Hi . Two of our contributors are husband and wife and recently wrote an article about caregiving that we thought might be helpful: Also, the Caregiver Action Network can be a great resource for caregivers: If you every have any questions or just want to talk, the community is always here. Thinking of you and your wife! - Kelly, Team Member

    1. I like to answer these questions just to give people a encouragement. I am a person with MS for 14 years and Married for more than 40.

      The best thing you can do for your partner is to keep her safe and take cues from her as to what she needs. I really depend on my hubby if I am out in public. He can “read”my fatigue level and encourage me to take a break. Sometimes, if I push too hard, I get confused and know I need to get away from crowds and sit down. He can see this coming and watches over me as I recover.

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