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Hives outbreak

Has anyone experienced hives that seem to appear suddenly? I’ve recently been struggling with very itchy hives, along with swelling so bad in my right ankle that I could hardly walk.
I had this happen right after my diagnosis 13 years ago. It gradually went away on its own (I was tested for every allergy under the sun and it was all negative) but now it’s back!
I’ve taken some otc Zyrtec and Claritin during the day and Benadryl at night, but so far nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

  1. Last week I got the unexpected news from my doctor that he thinks I may have MS. After researching I do appear to have a multitude of symptoms associated with it but have not been formally diagnosed with it yet. I had a 2 wk episode of full body hives a couple years ago and over the last month had a few rashes pop up with the largest rash appearing on the arm I have the most notable symptoms in. I know this is not all that helpful to you but would love to follow this thread to see if this is common.

    1. MariaF, I am just now seeing your post about hives. I was dx in 2007 but began getting terrible hives a couple years ago. Twice I was covered and had to go to ER. I've learned about "high histamine" foods that seem to be the culprit. I do have hives daily, fortunately, very few. I deal with the itching with Sarna lotion. It has been a life saver! A little dab, rub it in, wait a few minutes and the itch should be gone!
      Btw, I am allergic to antihistamines, as they give me hives!
      I hope this helps.

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