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How My Superpower Fights Multiple Sclerosis

Personal traits are secret weapons on a wellness journey. What's your superpower?

  1. Hello Traci! Your points are SO well thought out. Excellent post!

    Four things deeply resonated with me as my strongest superpowers: Resilience, adaptability, wisdom and kindness. These are personality traits I had prior to the debut of my MS at age 41, and lucky for me, they went into overdrive shortly thereafter.

    I wrote an article a while back that discussed what I call our life narratives, things we believe to be true. They change over time as we discover some of those narratives have become false, so we abandon them and adopt new ones. Your list of traits drive those life narratives.

    Love your work, Traci, and looking forward to reading more.

    Warmly, Kim, moderator

    1. Kim, Those are four great trait to have. I think I have a new appreciation for adaptability! I love the idea of life narratives, especially leaving behind things that no longer serve us, I'd love to read your article! Do you have a link? Thank you for your kind words😀 Traci

    2. Hi Traci, here's the link to my article titled: A Problem of Faith. Sorry it's kind of long.

      Cheers! --Kim

  2. Hey Traci,
    Good question!’

    Mine are; thoughtfulness, kindness, inherent strength and stubbornness. Most of the time they work with me. Some of the time they work against me.

    You can be too thoughtful and kind, putting everyone else’s needs above your own.Agreeing to try and do things for others when you are too tired and in pain. Not wanting to back out of a commitment for fear of looking bad.

    However I know I am strong and stubborn. Strength is what has made me deal with MS for 16 or so years. Stubbornness is what allows me to believe there will be a cure!!! and you can’t tell me otherwise. 😜😜

    Have a great day, Lisa

    1. @Lisasync Isn't that the truth! So often I think we find ourselves doing more than our bodies are telling us is okay to do. One thing I really try to do now is listen to my body but like you said, it's a struggle for not wanting to disappoint people. I'm glad you recognize and value your strengths😀

    2. Thanks Traci,
      I appreciate you comments and the original question. It really made me think!
      Additionally, Kim’s article is excellent!
      Everyone take care, Lisa 😃

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