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Does humidity affect your MS?

Hot or cold don’t bother me but wet does. I am temperature sensitive in the shower or pool. What is better for you, wet or dry?

  1. Hi , excellent question! Humidity can certainly have an effect on us. I've actually written more in depth on why over here:

    1. Thanks Devin for your response. I remember reading your informative article before. I am in the mid-Atlantic as well and the last few days have been very wet. I couldn’t pick up my feet to walk properly so I guess it affected my foot drop and hip flexors. It used to be that the heat would affect me. Not so much now, just moisture. Take care everyone, Lisa

      1. Hi Lisa,
        what a great question! I can't believe that what seems like only a few short years ago, (longer actually) when we would take a vacation it would always be to the hottest most humid places we could find!
        I LOVED hot, humid areas, and now....ugghh, don't even want to think about it!
        For me personally, the worst possible set up is hot and bright, (even worse than hot and humid!) The combination of heat plus bright lights or sun can set me off!
        Thought you might enjoy Kim's take in this article:

        Wishing you a great weekend Lisa! Janus

        1. Thanks for your response, Janus. I was very sensitive to the hot temperatures when I was earlier in my disease course. A hot shower would put me down for several hours. Now I have to make sure the water is warm before I shower. The touch of cold water gives my body a shock. Thank you for Kim’s article and be well, Lisa

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