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Kind of Spooked

First, I am completely new to this place. I have no idea if I'm posting in the right place, as I have a little bit of everything as far as topics go. So, yeah. Many thanks for baring with me.

I'm Anthony. I'm a 25 year old US Army veteran (without Tricare, despite my honorable discharge). My mother began her hug twenty years ago at my age, and my father was just a workaholic (that eventually lead him to an early grave).

I woke up one morning for PT a few years ago to a tingling sensation in my left side. I thought nothing of it at the time as I figured I just slept funny. The strength in my left side slowly but surely deteriorated. My typing went from an insane number of WPM to like, six. It makes me a little sad, as I now work in a call center that requires us to type up the inquiries and cannot keep up like most others. Thank goodness for my personality. I feel like that is why I'm still here.

Now, at twenty-five, my equilibrium is out of whack. I have some serious problems walking, and by climbing one step, I get attacked with vertigo. I get migraines and various headaches a dozen or more times a day, and there are moments where I feel like my brain is trying to break out of my skull.

I'm coming to realize that I need to listen to my body. It's telling me that something is wrong, and I need to fix it. My problem lies with money (as does every problem, eh?).

I work for a call center implenting the Affordable Care Act, sure, but I don't make enough to see a doctor for a screening. I also make too much for any help from the government/state. I am uninsured, and I cannot spare the change to become insured, despite cutting out the things I do not need.

The irony in my situation (working with the Affordable Care Act and whathaveyou) kind of makes me frustrated. This whole reform doesn't go through until January, but my headpoundings are getting way more severe and way more frequent. Also, I fell off of the light rail here in Baltimore while climbing up it. It's getting worse, whatever it is, and I'm spooked.

Does this sound like multiple sclerosis to you folks? I realize it could be a variety of things, but I don't know what I'm doing.

Many thanks to all of you. You're all awesome.

  1. Pat, your symptoms sound an awful lot like mine and my daughters. My daughter was dxd at age 21 while pregnant with my grandson. She will be 24 in a couple of months. I haven't been dxd, but my neurologist says my symptoms definitely mimic MS and he is putting me through tests now as we speak. My daughter also didn't have insurance when she was dxd, but she managed to get by until she could get Medicaid, plus an MS Group in Raleigh helped her get her medication through the pharmaceutical group that made it. I hope this helps somewhat. I wish you the best of luck and you CAN do this!


    1. I get terrible attacks of vertigo. In my 3o's the Neuro. gave me a high dose of meclizine. Hes retired now and my new neuro said he never "heard of such a thing". Now it does not work at all.
      I have big bruises on my arms and hips from hitting the walls in the hallway. It comes and goes.
      Now I lay down find a spot on the ceiling and stare at it until it leaves. The ears nose and throat tech. tested me and told me to do that and it stopped.

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