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Lazy Eye

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed in 2017 on my 19th birthday due to an onset of optic neuritis, vertigo and a slew of other things. I lost total vision in my left eye for about a month and I gained some of it back but it hasn’t been very useful. As of last week my left eye is drifting and it’s so noticeable people are asking me about it. Anyone else have something like this happen? Do you think it could be a sign of relapse?

  1. Hi ! I see you are a new member. Welcome to the community!
    Hopefully, others who have experience with MS vision problems will chime in here. While you wait for responses, I wanted to share this article from our editorial team about some of the various vision problems associated with MS and their causes: I hope your eye recovers and that it happens quickly. It must be frustrating.
    Please feel free to message me if I can help you with anything as you become familiar with the resources on our site. Best wishes! – Lori,, Team Member

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