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Does anyone else have leg pain so intense that it hurts to stand for short periods of time?

I am in such pain some days that I spend most of the day sitting. It is so very frustrating trying to do things when I am unable to stand. Does anyone else have this problem and how are you treating it?

  1. Hi Rosemary -
    Thank you for coming by and asking such a great question. We like to encourage our members to speak with their physician or health team with any new or worsening symptom. I'm sure many of our members will be able to reach out to you to give their personal experience with this, but here is an article that you may be able to relate to with the standing for long periods of time;

    Here is some information regarding walking that you may find very helpful as well;

    Hoping that these help answer your question. Thank you for being a part of our community!
    Meagan, Team Member

    1. Yes I've had pain in my legs for pretty much the whole time of having MS. It's gotten worse if the last few years. I can barely stand to cook or walk to the bathroom. It's like walking on cactus, or when your leg or foot falls asleep & the painful part when your trying to get it to move, but, for me they never wake up.
      I get Norco & Gabapentin for the pain, it doesn't work for very long. I've just learned to work through the pain when it's not as excruciating & when it starts to get bad, I have to sit down. I know I'm not much help. But you are not alone, a lot of MSers have this kind of pain. God Bless

      1. YES! Just recently the pain in both legs is off the charts! I wake up screaming or crying. It's to the point that I'm thinking a wheelchair is not too far off. I walked into my MS docs office for the first time in a year with a walker. I told her my legs are weaker (the pain wasn't as intense then as it is now) and she wasn't surprised or anything, just acting like it was a normal MS thing so not tests or anything was done. But I have a follow up with her in a few month and if this doesn't stop I'm not sure what to do. I'm so SICK AND TIRED of paying BIG bucks for MRI's and X-rays just for them to say..."you're fine". Ugh!

        1. Yes I get it in my legs feet very sharp pains but lately I've been getting breath taking pain (I call them spasms) all around my rib cage the pain in lmy rib cage is I've never felt pain like this

          1. Hi . Have you talked with your doctor about the chest spasms? Is it possible you are experiencing the MS hug? Here is an article that explains it: I hope you get some relief soon. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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