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Are the lesions causing all this pain?

I was made aware that I have a lot more lesions in my spine and now have a lot of painful feelings, as if my spine is being twisted. Are the lesions causing all this pain?

  1. Hi , when the nerve tissue demyelenates, "debris" (proteins) from damaged tissue clusters together and forms lesions (in much the same way that amyloid plaques form in Alzheimer's). They can then thicken into scar tissue. It would seem logical that the scars could be constricting and might cause pain in and of themselves, but have been unable find any reference that supports that supposition. I thought you might like to read these articles from NCBI about the role of lesions in MS, and the clinical & ciological features of MS. I hope they help some of your questions. -Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. Donna, Thanks for sharing that article, it provided much more detailed information and illustrations, all within one article☺ ( easy on the eyes and mind)

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