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The last few weeks have been tough with what I would describe as malaise. Like a hangover, I feel an overwhelming unwell feeling. It’s not what I would describe as MS fatigue exactly. Is this a thing for others? It ebbs and flows from day to day but can get quite overwhelming.

  1. , I am sorry you have been in a bit of a malaise for awhile not. I would check in with your physician, just to be safe, but I do know many of our community members have described periods similar to what you are experiencing. Just like you described; it's kind a a feeling of having a mild flu or being hungover. And, frankly, feeling like that can really wear a person down after a few days. And it doesn't help 'when it ebbs and flows because you may wake up one morning feeling ok and think, "Yay! Maybe this is starting to pass!" only to wake up feeling worse the next day.

    While this can be 'normal' for people with MS, I would still track your symptoms and maybe let your doctor know what is going on. There is also a lot of 'crud' going around various communities this time of year (colds, flus, etc) and you may want to make sure you aren't dealing with something like that, just to be safe.

    That said, I hope you are able to practice good self care (read a book, curl up on the couch and binge watch TV, take some extra naps, etc) on those especially tough days and I hope this begins to pass VERY soon!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thanks Erin. It can be frustrating at times in my case as I’m never quite sure if I have symptoms or MS. I was diagnosed 13 yrs ago and have only had a second flare up in an Eye 4 yrs ago. Neurologist considers my case benign and I’m not any medication. Despite having changes in MRIs over the years. I’m left wondering all the time. Not a bad problem if things aren’t progressing so I am grateful.

      1. For me, MS for 41+ years. For many years, not so bad but as I've gotten old(er) I have a great many days when I feel like I have a hangover, and I don't drink. I also describe it as feeling like I've been trampled by a herd of buffalo. Just miserable, dragged out, on a scale of 1 - 10, my energy level will hover around 1 or 2, barely able to get out of my own way. It's hard for me to do the simplest task in my house and my house has suffered miserably. MS is a strange disease and affects every person differently and yet we all have some of the exact symptoms. The lack of energy, not being able to do some of the things we're so used to doing can bring on depression and with that, it's a double whammy and is very overwhelming, I know.

        1. Hi and . I am sure you have enough experience with MS to know this, but I will touch on it just in case. People with MS tend to have low levels of Vitamin D and B vitamins. Deficiencies in either can bring on chronic fatigue and depression. Couple that with MS fatigue and you might a very bad case of malaise. So, if you haven't already, it would be wise to have your primary care doctor check your levels. You might want to throw in thyroid and iron tests as well. It is easy to blame these things on MS, but it is also a good idea to rule out other cause. Thinking of you both and wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

      2. Lori: Thank you for your words of wisdom but, I am 76, learned to read in medical textbooks, continue to do so, I know all of that. As far as primary physicians, I have little faith if any in them. My last one left her practice embarrassed by her many mistakes. I have had multiple thyroid tests, iron tests as well. I am not lacking in Vitamin D or B vitamins, I take 14 supplements each and every day. I know there are other health problems but MS seems to be the one that causes the most trouble in my life, at this time anyway. Each day is a surprise. One day I feel halfway decent. The next, so tired I can hardly walk and talk at the same time. The next, might not get out of bed until middle of the afternoon. Pain is a huge part of my life each and every day. Today, Surprise!! I feel pretty good, good enough to whistle while I made my lunch. I'll go out to do a few errands today. Have no idea what I'll feel like tomorrow. I think 41+ years of MS, an excellent head of his dept. Neuro. for 23 years, a passion for reading, a forever curious nature and an intelligent mind, have given me a good handle on this disease.

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