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Medication Copaxone

How many are taking this medication? I was just diagnosed and already having problems getting this medication. My insurance TRICARE has denied to pay and want me to take the generic. I don’t want the generic due to having cancer 4 times and
taking Chemo so many times. Copaxone is the drug that will most likely Not suppress
my immune system.

Any advice? Has anyone else had this problem with Tricare????
What can I do?


  1. Hi pinkdotsx4! I am so sorry you are having trouble getting the medication you require! While I don't have any personal experience with this treatment, my best advice would be to ask your physician to write a letter or file an appeal on your behalf, explaining exactly WHY this specific medication is the best option for you. Every insurance company has a slightly different appeals process, so you may want to check out Tricare's protocol. Here is what I could find on their site (if, this is the correct company) --

    Good luck and don't quit fighting for your health!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I'm on far so good.
      I get some swelling, itching, bruising.
      Nothing crazy.

      1. Hi Kym! Thank you for sharing with us!
        Meagan, Team Member

    2. There is a financial support for Copaxone through Teva's Shared Solutions.
      You need to enroll and see if you qualify for some assistance.

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