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Has my medication stopped working?

I'm now 11 months using Aubagio and went on the prescription two weeks after diagnosis, and aware that even if you're on a medication for MS symptoms may continue. The question is 6 months ago have the first of a new symptoms, continuous ringing in the ears (now much louder) the original symptoms have increased and 6 troubling new symptoms have started... does this mean that script is no longer working and if so, should I change to a new one?

I have maybe allergies to over-the-counter medicine like aspirin and liquid medicines like Tylenol ect. and scripted medications Ex. meds. In the penicillin family and meds. with sulfur when starting Aubagio I was concerned, but; I haven't had any serious side effects, so the idea of starting anything new is a real concern, because; I now have knowledge on how a lot of these medications work but I also learned that they do have very serious side effects Aubagio doesn't have.

  1. Hi ,

    We would definitely recommend consulting your doctor for any new or changing symptoms, as well as if a previously efficacious treatment is no longer providing relief.

    Please let us know how you are doing! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. Thank You, DonnaFA☺ for reinforcing what thought my next step would be, Donna, thanks for your concern and I'll update you soon.

      1. It's my pleasure ! We're always here to share support. We're sending good thoughts and positive energy! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

    2. Hi, Donna☺! Thanks for that, certainly working & this wk. so far, not so bad! Thank You, Donna & everyone!

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