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Does anyone have bad migraines follow with sharp pains in your eyes?

  1. Hi Ninaliddell002,
    thanks so much for submitting your question. Hopefully you'll get some good feedback on this from the community, but while you're waiting, I thought you might be interested in this article. It touches on migraines, eye pain and optic neuritis...

    This is a terrible thing to experience, and can only tell you that as a very young child, I would have this, (along with my tongue swelling up,etc.) and although it's been many years I can still remember the pain!

    I hope you find relief very, very soon. If you haven't already done so, I would encourage you to talk to your neuro., but am wondering if you have, is there anything that they've recommended to help you with this??
    Please keep us posted...Janus

    1. Yeah my neuro isn’t really helpful because I’m 17 so I go to a children’s hospital and they don’t really believe me I guess when I tell them what’s wrong so I will be looking for a new doctor after my visit on Monday

  2. Ninaliddell002,
    It's sounds as though you don't have alot of confidence in your current doctor. Unfortunately that's not an uncommon occurrence. Please know that you're not alone. Sometimes it takes awhile to find a doctor that you "click" with. One that you feel comfortable in talking to, one that you feel not only listens to you, but "hears" what you're saying as well.
    I'm going to add some links for you to go over. Some have tips on how to prepare for an appointment. I hope you'll find something that will help you out!

    Of course, you can take these helps and apply them to any type of doctor if you end up being referred...
    Is there someone that usually will go with you to your appointments? That can be very beneficial.

    Please keep us posted, my thoughts are with you. I really hope you can get relief and answers very soon!
    Please let me know if you need more or a different type of information, okay?
    xxxx's Janus

    1. Hi ,

      I experienced this a couple years back. I didn’t have migraines too bad, the severe pain in my right eye. That went away but months later, the pain came back with vision loss in the right eye. I went through several drs. and months later, after it had passed, I was diagnosed. What it turned out to be was optic neuritis caused by MS. Try to do yoga and mediation to relieve any stress. That’s what helped me get through that month when I lost vision.
      Also, continue to push and find a good dr. I had the same experience of drs. telling me I has young and healthy and to not worry. Keep pushing until you get the answers you need.

      1. Thank you for your response I’m relived that it just not me going through these this and there people out there with the same experience as me

        1. thank you

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