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Minimalism & Simplifying Everything!

I am 53 years old and have had MS since my senior year in high school. I have many friends who also have MS, and they are all in much worse condition than I am.
I attribute my state to eating a clean diet, mostly organic foods, filtered, fluoride-free water, and alternative supplements. I have followed this plan for the last twenty years. My MS hasn’t affected my life too much until the last decade.
I did get disability in the state of Ohio back in 2016 when I was only 45, due to my severe fatigue and depression. It took three tries, but I did make it happen in about 2 years. It was frustrating. Ohio is one of the most difficult states to get disability, especially if you are under the age of 50.
I have been a minimalist my entire life, even more so since I adopted my daughter eighteen years ago. She will be a senior in a few months. She knows our life is different than most, and I know she appreciates it and finds value in it.
We live in a 500 sq ft apartment and love it. The big joke is that I can plug in my vacuum and vacuum the entire apartment without plugging in somewhere else. 😂
Life is so much easier with fewer things. I can always find something when I need it, cleaning is simple, hearing and cooling the apartment is affordable compared to a larger space. While not everyone can live as small as we do, there are always things we can do to simplify. With MS, or any chronic disease, it makes a huge difference.
I am still utterly and severely fatigued on a regular basis. Luckily, I am a homebody and enjoy reading and learning, via online or books. I like being home, and God knows this world is absolutely crazy right now. I don’t want to go out there anyway!!
I am not on any social media and do not participate in anything online. I cannot stomach being a martyr, so I keep it all in. I know that isn’t healthy though. I opened this account in 2017 but never did much with it until now.
I don’t burden anyone with my MS or my difficulties that derive from it, but I think I belong here and have a bit to contribute. Who knows….
What has anyone done to simplify and streamline any parts of life?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I had no idea Ohio was so difficult to obtain disability in. It shouldn't be. That's frustrating to hear. I'm glad that you were able to obtain it. If I may ask, do you have any tips for others that may be trying to obtain it that could help them in the process?

    I really admire that you're a minimalist. In my head, I want to be one lol. I've recently started to purge a lot of things in my house, really giving it a Marie Kondo attempt, and honestly, have never felt better to let go. It's funny how things can make you feel so excited but when it collects, can really make you feel bogged down. I am going to think of you this weekend and continue going through things. You've inspired me!

    You sound like an amazing Mom, teaching your daughter some awesome values like placing emphasis on experiences over things, empathy and compassion. Congrats to her entering her senior year! That's big! How do you feel? Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

    I'm really glad you found us and that you posted this. Your words really connected with me and I appreciate you sharing. I hope I see you around more in the community! 😊🧡 Kayleigh, team

    1. I zinged with you instantly, , and I really look forward to hearing everything you have to say. I also am not on social media unless I absolutely have to be (business, school, I can't seem to escape it no matter how much I want to), and I keep my circle very tight.
      We moved from a 3 level townhome to a 900 sq foot bungalow 2 years ago because the stairs were too much for me. It has certainly helped, but I am going to take your advice to minimize and simplify to heart. I have two kids, an elementary school aged one and a teenager, a dog and two cats, so we have a lot of stuff. I trip over everything!
      We started decluttering this summer, but after reading this today, I am extra motivated.
      Thanks for sharing your tips.
      May I ask if you've opted for alternative therapies the entire time, or if you've tried the RMTs? I sometimes don't think RMTs are for me, but then I'm scared to go off them.

      1. OMG DMTs. hahahaha MS brain.

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