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Does anyone have so much pain in their legs that they need a wheelchair?

I know there are a lot of people who can't believe that if your legs work you do not need a wheelchair...hate to admit but that was me until my MS and now I get it. But I'm still struggling with it. Does anyone suffer so bad from leg pain that your legs almost (or does) give out? This has been getting worse in the last 2 months. I literally wake up screaming in pain. I'm not sure if I'm loosing muscle and it hurts or if something else is going on and I'm tired of spending money MRI's and X-rays for them to come back and say everything is "fine". But it is to the point where I am using my walker more and looking at a different type of walker and scared I'm heading for a wheelchair. It's not 100% of the time but lately it feels like it is. I'm pushing through it but its getting harder and harder to. Just wanting to know if anyone with MS is using a wheelchair or double crutches due to pain (which leads to weakness) in your legs.

  1. Hi . You are not alone in dealing with leg pain, so I hope you get lots of responses. If nothing is showing up on x-rays or MRIs, chances are that your nerves are messing with your muscles. Unfortunately, not all neurologists are familiar enough with MS to understand the kind of pains it can cause.
    Leg pain now does not necessarily mean you are headed for a wheelchair. Here is a wonderful article from one of our advocates about her experiences with leg pain. I thought it might interest you. I hope this helps and that you find some relief soon. Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hey Kimberly B

      My wife has extreme leg and pelvic pain. She also has a herniated discs.
      I believe that everything is connected. Meaning if you are stressed it will attack your most vulnerable spot.
      I try to get Laurie to move but to much movement causes her pain. If she goes in the car she will have leg pain for 2 days. She is not in a Wheelchair chair. She takes her time and many breaks to get stuff done. She was on Capaxone but swtched to Ocrevus once she moved to the diagnosis of Secondary Progressive MS. She as well has Lupus. One thing triggers the other.
      Especially Stress, she doesn't deal well with stress at all. I do believe movement is the key. There are no magic pills I am so sorry for you. But try to keep a positive attitude. Use tools such as lidocaine cream. Aroma therapy. Smooth jazz, or relaxing music. Get plenty of fresh air when weather permits. Use as much vitamin D as you can. And don't EVER APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE when you are unable to do things on there schedule most people do not understand what it is you are going through.
      I can not tell you how many times I here even family say "I know my friends, nieghbors brother in-law has MS and he runs Triathalons" sure mabey but they never see the guy when he is in a flare curled up in his bed in the fetal position crying and whating for stuff to calm down.

      So just take care of yourself. Do what you can when you can.

      Best of health to you

      1. i use wheelchair when we go out shopping, or im in motorized cart. Legs burn, and back is awful. Use walker at home, a roller kind, that you can sit down on. Makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, my weight has doubled because of the lack of mobility...

        1. Hi sorry to hear you have to use all mobility devices all the time. I'm lucky that I haven't had to but can feel my progression. Not looking forward to it... I do get the weight thing for sure. I have changed my diet to the OMS eating plan and it's kept my weight down for sure. Good luck and BIG HUGS to you!

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