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I'm new to the MS online world , but not to MS...I've had it for 29 years and now, after a quite nasty fall down our stairs my,husband thinks we need to move to a ranch style home...I agree but we raised all three of our sons here and im stupidly attached to this house and neighborhood..and I dread the work of moving...I've done it twice before but,i was younger and healthier...

  1. Hi figskaternomore! I am so sorry to read about your fall! It sounds like you are pretty pragmatic about a potential future move. If it happens, just do your best to let those who care about you help. Don't be afraid to ask for help packing and moving. Also, if you will be down-sizing, a move can be a good time to give your boys any heirlooms or pictures you might be ready to part with. Or, if you are storing their old sports trophies or band awards, it could be a good time to have them come and take them! If you're not ready for that step, that is fine, too. I know my own mother found the releasing of so much "stuff" helped mitigate the sadness she had about moving from the home she raised us in. And, we got to take our things and even some things she wanted us to have, instead of waiting until she was gone to do so. It was a surprisingly therapeutic experience.

    But, boy, do I hear you about being attached to a home and a neighborhood. That means you made your house a HOME and that's pretty awesome. It sounds like you and your husband and boys made some great memories there. If you and your husband are not in a hurry to move, it can give you the time to really think about what kind of a home (and which location) would be the best fit for you both.

    I wish you the best of luck, whatever you decide.

    I also help you recovered well from your fall.

    Thank you for sharing with us. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. This may be a little too late to reply;however, I wanted to share part of my story.
      I was diagnosed in February 1991 (25 years)
      My family (husband and 3 children) also moved around quite a bit when younger but have spent the last 15 years in the same house with lots of stairs. Knowing how difficult it would be to uproot my children we stayed until the last one graduated high school. Not going to sugarcoat it but downsizing and moving was quite traumatic in many ways. My main issue was moving halfway across the country,but no stairs and new friends have been worth it.
      Thankfully we are now situated in a lovely condo with the master bedroom on the first floor, but still have room for the kids to come visit.
      You will make the right decision and I won't miss those dreadful winters in New England.

      1. Thanks for the input, girls...and, not the reply isn't too late...we've listed our home and I've been busy doing what I can...the boys and my husband decluttering and put alot of stuff in a storage unit...mostly for staging purposes...our first open house is this weekend...we missed the best time to list here, which is March thru the summer so if we don't sell soon, well hold on until the spring then start the process again. ..but it's been good...we know generally where we want to live and we know we want an acre or two for peace and quiet for a change...and of course no stairs...lots to chose from where we live so we just have to unload this death trap, haha,..yeah, I've disconnected from this house already...the boys are wise when they all said the memories are in your stuff, not in the walls that hold them...☺

        1. Thank you for the update! Good luck with the continues de-cluttering process. I know it can be a challenge. Whether you list now or in the spring, I wish you good luck with the entire process. Feel free to keep us posted as you have time! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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