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What does muscle weakness in MS feel like?

Hi my name is Tavoh, my grandmother had MS and died before I was born. I’m not much of an anxious person, and I’m trying not to be, but lately I’ve felt this “tired” feeling. Pretty subtle and not really worsening at all, but I wanna know what it was like for you. Like was it all at once or was it progressive, etc. What is it like? Thank you, Tavoh.

  1. Hi Tavoh, glad you found our site. While you're waiting for others to answer with their experiences, I wanted to share with you one of our fact sheets on MS that describes MS fatigue. It's not quite the same thing as muscle weakness but it's overall tiredness. My husband who is the one in our family with MS describes the fatigue like this: "If there was a fire in the house and I was on the couch, I would think twice about getting up." Hope this article helps and if you would like more information, just ask. We have loads of it.

    1. For example, not being able to control your leg movement. When your leg feels heavy when you barely lift it.

      1. Can’t say it’s a feeling really. The limb is just heavier or sometimes it feels like jelly, it’s just not doing what you would expect e.g, It’s not holding your weight

        Weakness is more a functional complaint than a sensory. So compare to your baseline

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