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My MS brain lesions

I would like to start this post by discussing a few points about how MS and brain lesions effect my every day life...I find that on a daily basis, when I talk to anyone I have to close my eyes and somehow that helps my brain search through my memory banks and it's the only way I can remember what I'm trying to say. Read more


  1. Hello Amazonlady! I wish you good luck on getting approved for that bed. We can feel so beaten down by simply reaching out for assistance, it's a kind of stress we can certainly do without. That red tape can be cut if the contact person--such as the gal that came to your home to assess the situation--is of a mindset to consider the request a quality of life issue as well as a safety issue and make sure you are approved even if your environment doesn't perfectly match all the stipulations. Surely they could be flexible enough to grant an exception if the cost of widening doorways or enlarging a bedroom would cause you financial hardship. Even the ADA exempts some small businesses from adding some accommodations for disabled access if the cost causes due hardship.

    Please let us know how it all turns out.


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