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My MS story

Hi! I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 18 years old.
I was finishing up my last semester of high school during my senior and participating in Winter Percussion in my high school band. One day the right side of my face was going up as if I was smiling on one side of my face. I thought it was a pinched nerve and at the time it wasn’t painful. My doctor at the time knew that it was MS but she wanted to rule out anything else. Prior to this situation, I was always getting sick and things would happen to me and no one could tell me why. After seeing an ENT, Dentist and Oral Surgeon, she sent me to a neurologist at MUSC in South Carolina. The neurologist ordered a MRI and Lumbar Puncture and confirmed that it was RRMS. About 6 years later, MS has changed life completely.

  1. Hi , That's quite the story. Thank you for sharing. It's wonderful that your doctor was so responsive and made sure that you methodically saw specialists to make sure that you received an accurate diagnosis. Six years later, how are you doing now? Best wishes, Lisa, MS Team Member

    1. Hi Lisa. I’m doing okay. Most of my relapses effected my legs so I now have constant leg pain. It’s a daily struggle and I have to use my cane or walker most of the time.

      1. , I'm sorry to hear about the constant pain and difficulty with walking. You are definitely not alone and there are many here who understand. Best, Lisa

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