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Needing a new Neurologist

Hi! I was diagnosed in 2001with RRMS. However, I have been declining the last 3 yrs, severely the last 6months. I had 6 new lessions within 12 months and was diagnosed with mild-moderate neurocognitive disorder secondary to ms. I seen my neurologist on Tuesday for him to be in the room for 2mins 55 seconds! I have so many questions and concerns and feel very rushed when I see him. Therefore I feel it's time for a new neurologist. Can you give me some tips on what to look for / screen when making a commitment with a new dr so I'm not in the same situation as I am now? Please and thank you.

  1. , Glad to help. We have several good articles from our contributers on finding a good neurologists that you might find helpful. Here are a few to get you started and you can search for more under our search bar located under menu, but first let's start with these.

    These articles all have good information how to prepare for the appointment and what you should look for in a neurologist. Happy hunting and hope you find someone special.

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