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Have any of you undergone neuropsychological testing?

I have some questions about it.

  1. My husband took one as part of a study. At each office visit he had to add numbers that were repeated total them then he was given another number and it was added to the last number from the last pair of numbers given. It tested memory, speed, and distraction. He had about 50 number pairs to answer.

    1. Hi..
      Yes, I went through a significant amount of neuro psych testing., for 3-4 days..about 1-2 hours each day. My neurologist wanted to check my cognitive abilities. The test you described was only one of a ton I was given, since you didn’t experience it, I am sure your husband could list many more ways he was tested with parts of stories, board games to work manipulative, answer questions 4 to 5 times, in between other tests..
      it was okay. I was never made to feel like there was a right /wrong or specific goal. The results were poorly delivered to me, but she said I was fine.

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