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New Diagnosis, new pregnancy

I was diagnosed with MS on August 2nd and found out I was pregnant a month later. It's not exactly how I anticipate starting motherhood. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around all this.

And then my speech got all messed up this week, I had my initial visit with the neurologist yesterday and started IV steroids. Things are starting to clear up a little. I am feeling so overwhelmed right now. I don't find I am able to be happy during what should be a very exciting time. Any recommendations or stories how you have copied with similar experiences are appreciated.

  1. , It's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed! You got clobbered with two life-changing events that will last your entire lifetime.

    I've never been pregnant so I can't speak to any personal experience, but I have taken steroids several times and the side effects can be extremely uncomfortable and upsetting. The good news about steroid side effects is that they're temporary. You'll be pregnant longer than you'll be on and feel the effects of steroids, so you should be feeling more like yourself soon.

    It sounds kind of silly to say 'be patient.' This would be a stressful time for you in any case, whether you are pregnant without anything else going on, or dx'd with MS and on steroids for the first time without being pregnant. You've been dealt a triple whammy (MS, pregnancy, and steroids).

    You'll see changes with the passage of time. If you're very uncomfortable, do contact your doctor(s) and report what's going on. Your OBGYN and neurologist should be monitoring you and should address your issues. And please come back here and update us. Even if you need to vent and ask again about shared experiences. Sometimes posts don't get seen for a while and we apologize for that. Don't give up on us!

    Best, Kim

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