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I just received my ms diagnosis today. Tomorrow my dr and I are going to talk about where we go from here. I feel glad my symptoms have a name. Im also a type 1 diabetic and since all this stuff started my sugars have been easier to control. But being able to even get off the couch takes effort!

I guess Im happy to find this forum. Hoping anyone has any advice to navigating this in the beginning that you wish someone had told you?

I have a numb hand that Ive had for years. Numb fingers on my right hand. Pure exhustion, headaches, and when I do 30 minutes or even 15 of light workout on my elliptical I end up napping after. Im just trying to let my body lead on this. Also started cleaning up my diet

  1. Hi, Asheria07! Welcome to a great forum. i've had MS for more than forty years, and I still learn something new every day from this site.

    I'm thinking back to when I was first diagnosed, and I can think of two things I wish I had known back then:

    1. You are not alone. Not only are there plenty of people with MS, every single one of them with a unique case of the disease, but there are so many other people who live with autoimmune diseases.

    2. You are not crazy. These symptoms that come and go are perfectly real. They may not be visible to other people, but you can see and feel them, and that's what counts. And not all doctors can see them and may not believe you when you tell them about what you're feeling. That's okay too. I'd find a different doctor, but don't let anybody talk you out of what you know.

    There are answers coming through on our forum at Please come on over and have a look. we're here for you. I wish the internet had existed when I was first diagnosed!

    1. I agree with Asheria07 in what he says. It is terrifying to find out one has MS. In my twenties, I occasionally had times when my legs felt like they were stuck in cement and other symptoms, but no biggie. I didn't think much of it, but when I still had symptoms, in my 50s, I went to several neurologists and had still no diagnosis. When I was 60 years old, I found out that I had MS and had MS in my family (those darn family secrets). Do not despair, you will have to figure out what your new normal is and adapt to live it.

      We will be with you every step, please get in touch with us, we've been there and can help.

      1. hi Colette 4 just read your story and that’s my story !! Strange to hear someone else telling your story haha

    2. I really liked your post I’ve never been on a forum with patients amd I have been diagnosed since 2005 and was told last week I was misdiagnosed .. After many hospital visits and many injections that are getting worse .. it all has me in a dumb found ..

      1. praying

      2. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. I can't imagine ALL the emotions you have had to deal with. I see that your post was just 2 months ago, I hope you have found some answers.

        Having a Misdiagnosis is one of my fears. Wishing you the best & if you feel like it please give us an update. You are not alone.

    3. Your story moved me so much. So many trials and tribulations, yet your strength, perseverance, and spirit shine through it all. Your story is our story, and at the same time unique to you. Thank you so much for sharing it here with us! It would be great if you would tell your story (or heck, more than one!) in our Stories section where more people would see it. Lots of MS patients would both relate to feel inspired by it! Please come back and post again, won't you? Warmly, Kim, moderator

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