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Newly Diagnosed & Treatment Options

My husband was just recently diagnosed and this is all very new to us. I have read a million articles, treatment options, etc. and I am very lost. I am looking for some "real life" information. At this point he did a five day infusion of Solu Medrol and felt terrific until three days after. We have an appointment with a doctor that specializes in MS hoping for some better information and a rx plan to follow (the current neurologist is a bit overworked and doesn't really take the time to explain much). Any suggestions on specific things we should ask at the next appointment? Tips or tricks for fatigue? Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.

  1. Hi , I can imagine this must be such a difficult time for you and your family, and I commend you for reaching out for more information and support. Here's an article with some tips on preparing for your next neurology appointment that may help you maximize your time:

    We also have a special section specifically for caregivers here:

    I hope this is helpful to you! Please feel free to reach out anytime you're looking for information and support. I know this can feel like a lonely road, but this community is here for you whenever you need! - Shelby, Team Member

    1. Thank you so much! I'm learning a lot from all the various articles I'm reading and passing them along. It's only been two weeks since diagnosis and I already feel empathy for anyone with this terrible disease. From dealing with trying to explain what this is and getting the "you don't look sick" look along with the deer in the headlights look. To the million questions. I'm exhausted and I'm not even the sick one, can only imagine how he's feeling. I'm learning a lot and how to be a better support for him.

    2. You are most welcome, Jenrdhd!
      We are glad that you are showing such amazing support for him, and taking the time to learn as much as possible. It means the world to him, I'm sure.

      Best - Meagan, Team Member

  2. One piece of advice. Do not let your docs assume you understand acronyms and other phrases . Ask all the questions you need and do not leave without understanding the plan. Write down questions before you go and write down answers. As far as the fatigue that will be a moving target. Be flexible . When its warm weather keep hydrated, slow down and stay as cool as possible. Heat will make eyes slam shut. 😴

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