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No official diagnosis...YET

I had a MRI that came back with one chronic lesion in my corpus callosum and the neurologist brushed off my symptoms and lesion and said she was not concerned. I have been referred to a new neurologist and awaiting that appt because I definitely feel something is up but I was wondering if anyone felt like complete crap until being diagnosed/starting treatment? I’ve felt bad with symptoms since end of Feb and will get a few good days here and there but overall my days suck. I’m fatigued, brain fog, off balance feeling, tingles and weakness. It’s kike i can’t catch a break. It’s wearing on my emotions and I’m just hoping to hear someone else had a similar experience until they were diagnosed. Thank you! 😀

  1. Sometimes during periods of increased anxiety the emotional stress might make symptoms more intense which may be why you are feeling them more at this time. However, I can certainly assure you that what you are experiencing is not unusual. During periods of high anxiexty, everything seems to get worse for a lot of MS people. Here's a couple of articles written on how stress has affected people with MS:

    1. hi, I’m going through same as you now. I was treated like I was making up stories and it was “all in my head.” I’ve got a lesion on my brain but was told it’s irrelevant also I’m shattered most of the time, numbness in my face and right arm, burning pains all over, weakness in right leg and bouts of vertigo and dizzy spells, also get zaps down my neck when turning my head. Whole thing has been very difficult and then to made to feel like a nutcase just makes it 100 times worse. Still waiting on a diagnosis but I’m not going to hold my breath. Anyway, good luck, I hope you’ve moved on since then and you’ve managed to get help. Mike.

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