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Not sure what is going on

Hi! I have been having tingling and numbness for a few days now and im worriwd this a sign of MS. I had an MRI / MRA 3 years and it was clear, would i be symptoms now?

  1. Hi yes that is a symptom. I would go for another MRI. Talk to your neroligist first. Carla😊

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      1. I don't know what is going on either. I have been handling my MS pretty much okay for the last year or two (I found out very late in life -just turning 60) that the symptoms and problems that I had been suffering from for 40 years had turned out the be MS. My mother took to her grave her secret that MS was in the family and that she had nieces and nephews that had MS). I had retired after over 30 years and was just doing volunteer work, similar to what I had been doing for many decades. I would go to the bus stop in the morning, subway to work, subway back, and bus back to bus stop - I looked like every other professional person and worked a little funny because of my MS. There had been times over the years when I would get stuck having to use a cane. But then all of a sudden, I couldn't even stand up by myself unless I was holding on to a wall or person. No, this can't be happening. We are packing up to move to Florida. We're going to be those living in the independent living sections - we'll be doing all their activities, plus our tennis, bowling, and probably so many other things. I am not supposed to live in the assisted living section where I will be served three meals a day, housework, and laundry will be done - not for at least another 10 years! Really, I'm too young for this and we have waited so long to move and that was my final goal in life to move to Florida.

        1. Just do the best you can. Life is to short. Enjoy your self, love yourself. I know its difficult. My MS has up and downs. Counseling and group sessions help alot.🙂

      2. This is GREAT advice, @Carla13! Thank you for sharing! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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