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Ocrevus infusions when the patient is sick

My husband is scheduled to get his next Ocrevus infusion. He has had an upper respiratory infection for a week. It is severe enough to keep him home from work.
I question the wisdom of further weakening his immunity by having his 6 month treatment this week. When your treatments are once every 26 weeks, one more week is a very small margin. His doctor advises to go ahead as long as his symptoms do not include fever.

What would you do ?

  1. Hi CynthiaFreund! I do hope you get some feedback from our community members on this matter. While I cannot provide medical advice, I always tell people to trust their voices. No one knows your body like you do. In this case, I would ask your husband what he thinks about it. If he feels well enough to go through with the infusion, then maybe that's your answer. How difficult would it be to re-schedule his infusion? Sometimes, scheduling can be hard, especially when it is done months in advance. Perhaps that is the doctor's concern? You are right that Ocrevus weakens the immune system, so if you feel strongly that your husband should wait, then you can address that with your husband and his doctor again.

    As the patient, your husband does have the right to have a say in his treatment plan and if he chooses to wait, that shouldn't be a big deal.

    I hope your husband feels more like himself very soon and good luck making this decision!

    Thank you for reaching out!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. My husband's infusion was postponed by a week due to a cold. He was running a slight fever with it, but the infusion center made it sound like they wouldn't have done the treatment even if he didn't have a fever. They said they didn't want to take any chances with him. Hope all worked out for your husband!

      1. I'm just getting over a cold now.
        600mg infusion set for tomorrow.
        No fever, so I'm hoping it goes ahead.
        If they refuse to infuse what happens with the meds?
        (Storage wise)


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