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Optic Neuritis?

I haven't been diagnosed. I'm still waiting to see the neurologist, but I wanted to check in on a recent issue I had with my eye.

I should mention I had an eye exam recently and was wearing a trial pair of contacts for the last couple of weeks. I have a very high myopia.

Last week my right eye started to feel very uncomfortable. It felt like it was burning or like when I have a fever and my eyes get that stinging sensation. I figured it was dry eyes from the contacts and started wearing them less throughout the day. Then this past Tuesday I finally gave up by lunch and put my glasses on.

Then in Wednesday I had a very sudden sharp stabbing pain in and around my right eye. I was so severe I had to stop what I was doing while tears streamed down my face. Thankfully I was brief, only about 30 seconds. But ever sense I have had a dull ache around my eye.

Also, because I originally started this process by seeing an ENT for dizziness and was given the diagnosis of vestibular damage (because he couldn't find anything else) I have a list of vestibular exercises I am supposed to do. The one that involves crossing my eyes causes the muscles in my face under my right eye to twitch or spasm.

I am just curious if anyone with an MS diagnosis has experienced anything like these symptoms?

  1. I wish I could edit this post now that I see all the typos. Typing out such a long post on my phone is messy, so please excuse my poor grammar.

      1. This was something that my mother in law would talk to me about and when I did my own research about MS I found that optic nerve pain is one the symptoms that most patients can relate too. It developed into migraines and she would have to stay in her room for hours. Putting drapes up and turning the lights off. It was bad. She was diagnosed in 2001 and now she is finding relief with cannabis oil. We live in Southern California and are blessed to have so many options available to us. Honestly though it is always the mom and pop shops that provide you with the care, patience, and knowledge. They are willing to spend time explaining to you about different strains and different methods of ingestion. We love that King Harvest Wellness has given back the quality of life that she deserves. Fun fact, THC acts like a key to our locked receptors that are found in our endocannabinoid system. Activating CB1 and CB2 receptors which control the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve.

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