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Pain from muscle spasms

I get muscle spasms and they're around my rib cage remember rib cage it takes my breath away and it's very very painful it's like I can't even move breeze or anything is there anyone else going through this kind of stuff where I could get some answers maybe or something that could help me deal with this a little bit better because they're becoming more frequent and more intense

  1. Hi . Have you discussed the pain with your doctor? Many people with MS experience something similar called the MS hug. Here is an article about it: It is always best to play it safe with that kind of pain though and not assume it is MS-related. So, definitely discuss it with your doctor as soon as possible. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi ! I wanted to stop by here and check-in with you. How are you feeling since you posted this? Have you been able to talk to your doctor about your muscle spasms? Thinking of you. 🧡 Kayleigh, team

      1. hi brn first 33 my name is Stacia and I have been diagnosed since I was 36 and I am now 50 and the muscle spasms are horrible I got one night that they were so bad that my feet pointed down almost like a flipper and I could not get them to straighten out for the life of me and I rolled around on the floor and cried my eyes out and my husband wanted to pick me up and put me on our bed and I asked him to please don't touch me it is a horrible horrible pain and it will come on like a hot iron I can have them sometimes just sitting in the bathroom or just laying in my bed but as you said with the one in the chest I get them everywhere from the face to the neck to the Cavs belly abdominal area etc and I do worry when I have a near my chest because our heart is the biggest muscle in there or should say most important and that worries me because what if our heart gets the muscle spasm are we going to die I hope not but my heart goes out to you and I can understand how you go feel I feel your pain everyday of my life I have been up and down in bed more in the last 2 years and I believe it has been due to all the stress that has been in my life that I need to read out and have been slowly weeding out the problems which are usually people LOL God bless you and you take care sincerely Stacia

        1. Hi @Stacia49. That must be horribly painful and frightening. Has your doctor prescribed anything that helps? Here is an article from one of our advocates who uses marijuana for pain relief: I thought it might interest you. I hope you find some relief soon. My heart goes out to you. - Lori (Team Member)

      2. Yes I hear you, very unpleasent. Especially when it wakes you up at night. I know it isn`t related to low electrolytes, since they did the blood work to rule that out. I have muscle relaxants prescribed, but don`t like to take them unless I can take it no more. Hope you find some answers and relieve soon...

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