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Painful Restless Legs

Has anyone experienced painful restless legs with muscle spasms?

  1. Yep, most every day. This morning I woke up long before I should have. Muscle spasms in my legs and feet, muscles hard feeling and I have to get out of bed and try to stand enough that I can put pressure on my feet and legs. I usually find myself standing in a V, my feet on the floor and my head on the bed. And of course in pain.

    1. We have an article by one of our writer's that explains her history at night with leg cramps which is similar though not the same. She talks some about restless legs syndrome and leg cramps. She has some suggestions on what she did. Maybe it might help. I sympathize with your situation. My husband had to start using baclofen to control his along with his spasticity finally.

      Donna Steigleder

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