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I have had m.s. for 20 yrs, actually am doing pretty well over the past year and half. But I struggle with severe fatigue during the day, and horrible insomnia at night. Awhile back I was prescribed ppmodifinil generic for provigil,I could only take a half of a pill once in a while. It helped with the fatigue greatly. But I still suffered from the insomnia. Now my insurance is telling me and my dr that it's not used for m.s. patients nor is it approved by fda for m.s.
Anyone have any thoughts on this

  1. I had the same problem with my insurance a few years ago. Last year I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and insurance pays for Provigil for that.

    1. Hi patv and 1efvl6y! Unfortunately, it is true that Provigil is not approved by the FDA for MS treatment. Your physician may want to try other medications to see if they can help with your fatigue and insomnia. If you are diagnosed with a condition that is approved for treatment with Provigil (like 1rfvl6y), then you may be able to have it covered by insurance again. Here is some information on Provigil and other potential ways to manage fatigue -- I am sorry, patv, that you are not able to continue with Provigil. Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. I was approved because of sleep also.

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