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Female External Catheter

I love my Bidet but I just found the perfect invention to my MS bladder issues. I'm not going to get into my story about how I was introduced to this fairly new product at a recent Kaiser visit--However I'm going to share this product with you. You can purchase it now. Look it up on Google. It's like wearing a long pad!!
The PUREWICK Female External Catheter is a solution for bed and wheelchair bound women. The soft, flexible, external disposable "wick" is attached to a continuous low pressure pump, wicks urine away into a designated collection canister. The "wick" is tucked between the labia and gluteus muscles, but external to the body, keeping you dry... minimizing bedsores, UTI, bedding/clothing changing and NO pain!!!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing @CarolJoy! Did you get this through your doctor? Keep us updated as you use it if you'd like - would love to hear how it continues to work for you! Best, Margot, Team

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