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Recent Diagnosis

Hi All,

I have just today recieved MRI results and been told I have MS.
I am beyond terrified and feel sick with worry. I have young kids and an active job as a first responder.

The thing that I am terrified of in this present moment is having PPMS rather then RRMS. My MRI results indicate I have white matter demyelination in multiple areas of my brain.

Wait times for a neurologist are months and months long here at the moment.

Can any indicate whether they a have had similar results and have RRMS rather then PPMS? Or is doesnt work that way?

I am so lost and honestly terrified.

  1. Hi . A new diagnosis can be terribly overwhelming, especially if you didn't suspect MS beforehand. Please know we have lots of people in the community who have faced the same fears and uncertainties and will help you through this. Many have successfully raised families and retired from careers at the average age and are still doing well. One of our advocates is raising triplets and a singleton. She was diagnosed as a teenager. There is no way to tell how your MS will progress because every journey is different and it would really be impossible for anyone here to tell you whether you have RRMS or PPMS. I wish you didn't have to wait so long to find out. Have you asked to be placed on the neurologist's cancelation list? Here is an article about PPMS that might help you understand the diagnostic criteria: Though it might seem that PPMS is the worst of the MS types, some who have it say they are grateful to have PPMS over RRMS, especially if their progression is slow. They fear the lack of predictability of RRMS and the possibility of debilitating relapses. So much comes down to your individual symptoms and level of progression. Here is a wonderful article from one of our advocates for people who are new to MS: I hope this helps you feel a little more settled. Please know we are here for you whenever you need us. Keep us posted if you feel comfortable doing so. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I was diagnosed in 92 initially and was treated for symptoms. Mainly fatigue. So I was on pemoline,similar to Adderall. Symptoms disappeared 3 years later. Went back to work, went back in Army reserves and even got on at UT police. Acquired an infection in July that apparently reactivated the MS. So I had a good 25 years of working and normal life. The point being in it is a very unpredictable disease. So keep your chin up

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