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Lesions were found on my Brain MRI that was done for vision changes and ice pick headaches all on right side. No mass or stroke noted but was told MS could be considered so was sent for second opinion. Lumbar puncture and MRI of neck and spine was normal so diagnosed with RIS. Has anyone had RIS that developed into MS?

  1. I already had rrms for years yet had a few months with the ice pic just above my right ear. It was constant, then lessened and just disappeared. Sounds, sight, sensation bothered. The only relief was my daily -15°C walks. I accumulated many kilometers that winter.
    I presume it was due to roommate cranking the temperature above 28°C when I thrive at 20°C.

    1. Hi, ! I know it can be kind of daunting and confusing to be diagnosed with RIS (Radiologically Isolated Syndrome). There's always that worry if RIS will develop into MS. And honestly, it's about 50/50 and even that number is variable based on other risk factors. Here's an interesting study on people diagnosed with RIS and how many of them went on to be diagnosed with MS -- Also, there is some ongoing conversation in the medical community about how closely linked RIS and MS are (some doctors believe RIS basically *is* MS, but this is not necessarily the view held by all doctors). Has your doctor discussed a treatment plan with you and also, how often will you be getting check ups to see if your condition is worsening or improving?

      I do hope your RIS does not progress, but whether it does or not, please know you are welcome to be a part of this community and ask questions anytime!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Thank you for the information. My doctor wants to see me in 3 months and then possibly extend my visits after that if still no symptoms. He gave me the choice to start medication now for prevention or just watch it. I chose the latter since I am not currently experiencing any of the typical symptoms of MS.

        1. , I think that sounds like a good plan! I like that you and your doctor have come up with a monitoring plan to keep an eye on things and that he seems to be open to letting you take the lead on this (it's your body, after all).

          Please feel free to come back and update us after that check in appointment, if you feel comfortable doing so.

          Best, Erin, Team Member.

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