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single demyelination

I had one lesion that left right side of me numb and left side of front face. The doctors said I had single demyelination, which is going on 6 years with no change. Have you heard of anyone going that long with no other lesions turning into "Multiple" Sclerosis?

  1. Thank you for your question, netski! While I cannot offer diagnosis or advice for your safety, I wanted to share some thoughts on your situation. I hope you get some more feedback from the community, but I will say that MS is a complex condition that is still being researched. It is possible for a person with MS to have no new lesions for a period of time (this may be referred to as a remission). Also, I do know of at least one other member here who has not been diagnosed with MS due to having only one lesion. While I sincerely hope you do not have MS and do not develop any new lesions, I think it's smart of you to be prepared and informed and I am glad you are reaching out for information. That's smart. Here is some basic information on MS -- and here is the diagnostics used to reach an official MS diagnosis -- Thank you for reaching out! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Netski,

      I don't have too much knowledge on what you describe, but I have heard of it before. I believe it was referred to as CIS - Clinically Isolated Syndrome. Here is a link w/ more info about it:

      Hope this helps. I'm sure others in the community can also share insight.


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