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Special tiredness...

I have been diagnosed with MS as on 2 years ago, with main symptoms being mental slowness, let weakness, and lately a terrible fatigue, but only in the afternoons. These sound like MS. But my new question is, does anyone out there experience the sensation of walking through thick molasses? I feel that way all the time, and wonder if thats MS, or is it a function of having Atrial fib?? My doctors don't really seem to address this issue. At times I can barely push an empty cart at Walmart!

Anyone else have the same level of tiredness?


  1. Hi SDlady, thanks so much for reaching out here. In addition to community comments here, Devin describes MS fatigue here: as "MS fatigue is not a sleepiness (no amount of sleep will help it), your whole body feels weighed down and moving anything becomes exceptionally hard and even more exhausting. It’s very much like fighting through quicksand or trying to escape a giant vat of molasses," which is similar to what you say, "walking through thick molasses" - I hope you'll find it helpful to read! More on MS fatigue that may help too can be found here:

    Thinking of you!

    Margot, Team

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