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Does anyone else stay away from MS meds?

I’ve never taken anything. I don’t want to!! I was diagnosed in 1988 and have never taken MS meds. I do take oxybutynin for bladder problems. Cymbalta for depression and Tegretol for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

  1. @Bogeydog Choosing to use disease modifying medication or treating symtoms as you go is a very personal choice and you have to do what feels right for you. Many people have successfully managed their lives without MS drugs and who's to say their lives would have been different one way or the other had they choosen otherwise? As long as it's working for you, that's what matters. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Hi Bogeydog!
      Here is some information regarding natural remedies that you may find helpful;
      Thanks so much for commenting!

      Best - Meagan, Team Member

      1. Hi @bogeydog, it's everyone's personal decision whether to take medication. MS is such an individual disease, some people have a very mild course, the disease may not be very active, for others it may be extremely progressive. It's hard to know if that will change though. Note taking medication is a gamble, particularly if your body tolerates it. While some people can end up being fine without medication, many are not. Remember that, just because you feel well, doesn't mean the disease isn't working. Unless you are getting routine MRIs, you won't know. As someone who has seen first hand, what life without disease modifying medication can turn into, it baffles me when people, who can takes such medications, do not. My grandfather had MS at a time when there were no DMDs, he was completely disabled and eventually died from complications due to MS. I actually when a period of time without meds as well, due to insurance reasons, while I felt fantastic at that time, I am now disabled, and regret not doing everything possible to get medication. It's everyone's choice, but know that there are reasons why doctors and scientists recommend disease modifying drugs and there is a ton of history to back up their reasons.

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