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Study drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis - "Drops Vilkova"

Hello, please read my letters, it concerns development of the Russian uchchenogo in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Immediately apologize for the translation - all translated with the help of online translator.
Developed by Professor Vylkove tool in the early stages of research yielded striking results - complete cessation of progression of multiple sclerosis, but later studies were covered by neizvestnyi reasons. Unfortunately no one in Russia is no longer interested in these developments, as now pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money by selling their drugs slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis and do not want to be competitors, but a means developed by Professor Vylkove very cheap and will not bring big profits.
but it means if brought before the end of the study, that is, to carry out a large clinical trial of the drug on a large group of patients immet all chances for a cure millions of people affected by multiple sclerosis around the world!
I spoke with one of the first patients Professor Vilkova, it was a group of 20 people, who for many years to the present day take the tool and their health is in excellent condition!

Unfortunately Professor Vilkova already 77 years old and he was quite dropped his hands in an attempt to achieve further studies invented the drug.
In Russia, because of widespread corruption and lawlessness, these attempts to completely unsuccessful.
But I really hope to help the international community and the continuation of studies of this drug and the fact that this tool can bring back the joy of life is still very many people around the world.

Sincerely Maxim Mironov.
Ill with multiple sclerosis in 2008.

  1. I have just started (a) petition "Roszdravnadzor: Clinical trials and begin production of the domestic drug to treat multiple sclerosis -" Capel Vilkova "!" and I need your support to run a campaign.

    Maybe you have 30 seconds now to sign this petition? Here is the link to it:росздравнадзор-проведите-клинические-испытания-и-начните-производство-отечественного-препарата-для-лечения-рассеянного-склероза-капель-вилкова

    That's why it's important:

    Hello, I am writing to you on behalf of people affected by multiple sclerosis. At present, our disease is still considered incurable used drugs can only slow the progression of several diseases and increasing disability of patients. All currently used drugs alter the course of multiple sclerosis (PITRS) are imported and purchased by our state of the program "Seven nosology", doing budget fabulous sums.

    But why proper attention is not paid to the development of Russian scientists? After all, back in 2009 received a patent for "a composition for treating multiple sclerosis" Russian professor Vylkove Gennady! He obtained unique results for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). For 30 years he was head of the Central Research Laboratory Rost.meduniversiteta (CSRL worked to a neurologist) and dealt with problems neyroimmunopatologii, in particular MS, schizophrenia, epilepsy, was the head of theses to these pathologies, the author of 30 inventions on the subject and 300 publications. Results are available for the treatment of MS in 20 patients mainly in the onset of the disease. Within 5-10 years, they are practically healthy persons. In the case of advanced forms, i.e. upon the occurrence of irreversible changes in the brain neurological symptoms remains, but the progression of the disease does not occur. All patients were examined at reputable honey. establishments that diagnosed definitively verified. (Clinic for Nervous Diseases med.universiteta patients town neurological department of the regional hospital) on the treatment of MS received a patent was begun clinical testing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov and Rostov, ie the last stage before the introduction, but the sponsors, they are also co-authors of a patent refused further funding. This problem by scientists worldwide. ("MK PPE" September 11, 2013) America spends annually more than $ 10 billion for treatment and welfare of patients, England 2 billion pounds, Russia - hundreds of millions for the purchase of expensive and few effective drugs and even giving serious complications. So-month course of oral medication fingalimod is a serious complication from the cardiovascular and immune systems and is worth 4 thousand dollars. The high cost of all drugs for the treatment of MS and billions in profits farmokokompany, which they share with retailers to inhibit the introduction of new funds. The same contribute to the high cost of implementation. On the practical implementation of Avonex spent $ 4 billion. To confirm the effectiveness requires a large number of patients, which is not necessary in this case because of the almost complete recovery of all patients debut and stop the process in advanced cases. It's hard to believe, but we have all the history, MRI, addresses and telephone numbers of all patients and any competent commission will confirm this. All existing drugs for the treatment of MS only slow the progression of MS, and the drug in question (dietilbenzimidozoliya triiodide) stops progression, ie comes indefinite remission, and perhaps in some cases recovery. Conducting clinical testing comparable to the price of the next football Varyag or monthly salary leading top managers of Gazprom. You as doctors and public figures are not indifferent to the fate of millions of people for life doomed to helplessness, his authority can help in solving the problem of the political state. Health and social approaches do not work, despite their importance. We are talking not only about MS and about autoimmune disorders in general, and not only on viral diseases (hepatitis) - drug has antiviral activity (one of the possible mechanisms of efficacy in MS), but when you consider that it inhibits COX-2 in oncology. Experiments in animals and in cultured tumor tissue positive (held in oncological center) with a recommendation on clinical testing in cancer patients. You can think about the replacement of antibiotics, especially in sepsis - the drug does not give stable forms. If you bring this matter to an end, it is not only promises Nobel prizes and other rewards, but also in the future, in addition to budgetary savings for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis, even huge profits from the sale by a real, existing drugs abroad. After all lost a rare wealth horizons use this cheap, oral, not giving apparent complications of the drug in truth are not predictable. Three patients with MS women gave birth to healthy children without complications and exacerbations. It's a world sensation. There are addresses and phone numbers of these patients. Above this beats all the world, and we need to introduce a ready to raise the last step, the entire span already passed. It spent years working hard workers modest - scientists. Finally it is the prestige of Russia. The last hope for you. Material patent was published in AiFe number 49 in 2013.

    We ask you to bring this matter to an end - finally spend full formal clinical trials of the drug, and if so will run it in mass production and alleviate the plight of thousands of Russians patients with multiple sclerosis.

    For information:

    Multiple sclerosis (MS) - a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the myelin sheath of nerve fibers of the brain and spinal cord. Although colloquially "sclerosis" is often referred to as memory impairment in the elderly, the name "multiple sclerosis" has no relation to the senile "sclerosis" or dispersible attention. "Sclerosis" in this case means "scar" and "scattered" means "plural" as a distinctive feature of the disease at postmortem examination - presence scattered throughout the central nervous system without specific localization of multiple sclerosis - the replacement of normal nerve tissue connecting. Multiple sclerosis was first described in 1868 by Jean-Martin Charcot. [1]

    The disease mostly occurs in young and middle age (15 - 40 years). A feature of the disease is the simultaneous failure of several different parts of the nervous system that leads to a variety of patients nevrologicheskihsimptomov. Morphological basis of the disease is the formation of so-called plaques of multiple sclerosis - seat of myelin destruction (demyelination) white matter of the brain and spinal cord.

    You can sign my petition by clicking here.

    Thank U!
    Maxim Mironov

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