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During the summer does anyone suffer from feeling chilly?

Yes, it's summer... but throughout the day I feel chills. At night I feel downright cold and use an electric blanket (for me during the summer it seems to be opposite from the overheating that's problematic for some).

  1. , I do get overheated, then chilled, and back to overheated throughout the day and night. Constantly shedding layers and putting them back on. Winter, too. Does this bother you throughout the year or just in the summer? --Kim, moderator

    1. Hello, Kim and thanks for sharing that, as far as me I wish I had a differential between hot and cold, but; unfortunately this is my norm, for much of my life, friends have commented on it being warm and touching me how cool my skin is compared to theirs. I'm somewhat of a science nerd and always wondered if the blood type could possibly make a difference between people's skin temperatures, hummm so when father is truly here that's when I begin to wear layers and I found that all cotton or any natural fabric is best☺.

      1. Hello, Kim and thanks for replying, no, I am always on the cool side throughout the year, and I agree with you about wearing layered clothing I prefer 100% cotton( allergic to wool).

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