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Should there have been more tests run before my FND diagnosis?

I finally had my appointment with a neurologist. She diagnosed me with FND. I am a bit taken back by this diagnosis as the only tests that have been performed on me were an MRI of my brain (which came back negative), a physical exam, and my history of symptoms. Should there not have been other tests done on myself to rule out other conditions before making this diagnosis? Opinions please.

  1. , I can understand why you think the doc jumped the gun on an FND diagnosis--and yes, MS testing involves more than a brain MRI, history, and physical exam.

    FND, according to the attached NORD article, is also known as conversion disorder, something that used to be dismissed as hysteria and all in one's head. But there are specific tests for this diagnosis. It's not a diagnosis of exclusion like MS. MRIs, blood tests and spinal fluid all test negative (normal) in FND, unless you have another disease that would influence the results.Here's the link to FND info:

    You might want to discuss FND diagnostic criteria with your doc, find out on what she's basing her diagnosis. Express your desire to have more thorough MS testing. That would include a C-spine MRI, evoked potentials testing (EPT), and a lumbar puncture. Feel free to seek a second opinion with another neurologist too, perhaps an MS specialist if you have access to one.

    These things take a bit of detective work and you seem motivated to undertake it. I hope you'll keep us updated. Best, Kim

    1. Thanks for responding Kim.
      When I had my appointment with the neurologist (which specializes in MS) she did mention to me that we could do an MRI of the neck and spine. I have to see her every 6 months for follow up appointments and to see if there have been any changes. I think my other concern of the limited tests were that there were none done for immune diseases. I have only been to see a doctor with my symptoms 4 times in 12 years as they have to be really bad for me to go. I feel like I don’t want to make a big deal yet I want answers.
      I just felt like this diagnosis was given quite quickly with very little testing to determine such a strange disease with a horrible stigma attached. My symptoms are not really like many with FND and I have never had trauma, anxiety, or any of the factors they contribute to this disease.
      Sorry to ramble. I’m just a bit frustrated.

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