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The Most Amazing thing happened today…

It’s a great day people. For 6 months I have not been able to raise my left knee up from a sitting position. The right no problem but the left…nothing. I mean literally nothing. Here’s the crazy thing. I can walk. Just weakness in the leg. Well I discovered that if I lay on my right side I can left my knee up (towards my chin). So I’ve been doing this when I go to bed and when I wake up for about a week now. This morning I lifted my knee up from a sitting position…like 8”!!!!
No idea how or why but I can and I did. No doctor suggested it..I just discovered it on my own.

  1. That is good news @JeanneGirl!

    Many times I have to do my own self check when I awaken. Usually involves stretching and mental commands which become verbal.

    Then there are those mornings when I emulate what the author experiences here:

    Please take your time and don't over do it.

    Stay well,
    Chris (Team Member)

    1. Great read! Thanks.

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