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Travel scooter

I was diagnosed in January 2013 with MS and have been doing Betaseron injections which have helped me enormously with my mobility. Have used a power scooter a few times taking my teenage boys to amusement parks, and am thinking of getting one to use instead of renting them. Am looking for one that is portable and that I can fly with as I do travel occaisionally for work and it would be helpful for that. Can anyone make any recommendations about what they use or have some familiarity with for a travel scooter? Am looking for something lighter in weight and can fit in the trunk of a Chevy Malibu. I still have some strength for pulling it in and out of the trunk but woudl want something relatively easy to assemble. Thank you.

  1. Hi Lauried,
    I'm sorry that nobody has responded to your inquiry yet. I don't have personal experience with scooters, so I'm not much help in that department. When googling "light weight scooter", there are so many websites, models, and choices. I don't know what you should look for. Maybe try to find a place local which sells mobility devices where you can see some options in person.
    Good luck,

    1. Hi Lauried,
      I used to have a Golden brand "buzz-around lite" that was pretty light weight and could be easily taken apart and put into a vehicle for transport. the heaviest piece weighed about 40 lbs. which I couldn't do but was easy for almost anyone else. Also, when traveling with it a few times, the airport guys always commented on how easy it was to load etc. Then I moved to a heavier one (after killing it by running into it with my van - bad story but pretty funny looking back) that is a bit more stable but much harder to throw in the car.
      I have seen a model that is very bare-boned and seems easy to transport. It is like a battery with wheels and a seat. Unfortunately, I don't know the brand or anything.

      good luck to you!

      1. I've just become aware of a scooter called TravelScoot. You can google it. It folds up sort of like an umbrella, fits in a bag which will fit into the overhead luggage carrier on a plane and weighs only 35 lbs. A friend of mine from New Zealand is using hers in England and Scotland now on vacation.

        I have a 15 year old Amigo which I took on a 3 month trip to NZ when it was new. I still use it outside in the yard but I am not sure anything is made that durable any more. We transported it with a lift in a pickup truck back in the day. I now use a 3 wheel GoGo. It comes apart in 5 parts for easy transportation and is great for shopping where there are curb cuts and pavement, but you would not want to use it on gravel or rough ground. A scooter will open up all sorts of new territory for you. Good luck. You may want to rent one if you travel to large cities until you see what works for you.

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