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Tysabri medication

I am after a little bit of advice.
I am on tysabri injections every 4 weeks. And I have started to notice 1-2 days before my injections are due my body has zero energy and the fatigue hits me bad. Does anyone else suffer with this?

  1. thanks for starting this conversation here. Being able to talk with others about the real-life experiences with MS is so helpful. While I'm not personally on tysabri, I did find this article that you might find helpful. There was also a really active conversation in the comments below it that might be helpful as well.

    Here's another one too. I don't know if you've heard of the term, "crap gap" but it might be worth the read because you might find it to describe what your experience. Here's an article to check it out.

    I'm sure others will join this conversation as well with their first hand experience.
    Alene, Moderator

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