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... unhelpful reactions.

I am a bit disillusioned at the moment. I am having yet again another bladder infection and I am really run down. My line manager at work has just given me loads of work, more than even a healthy person could manage. I did discuss the issue with him on several occasions, but he does not want to listen. He knows about my MS, but somehow do not understand, that 40 hours plus doctors appointments and so on is a lot to take on.

I feel really exhausted and all my sister has to say is, that I should just pull myself together and get on with it - on one occasion describing me as being weak. My partner tells me that, I should think more positive. In fact, at the moment he is thinking of leaving me, because I am not enough "fun". While ignoring the fact that maybe him getting hardly any work (he is a freelance designer) is the main cause for his unhappiness.

I am trying my best to get on with life, even when walking is difficult, my bladder is all messed up and I am just tired most of the time. I know it could be worse ... but still. I just wished that sometimes, people would be a bit more compassionate and think before they speak. I guess they are just as scared as I am ... and do not know how to respond differently. But that makes dealing with MS a lonely business at times.

  1. Hi Eaglenose,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us. Please know you are not alone! We, in the community, certainly understand what you're going through and where you're coming from. We are here for you anytime for anything! Don't hesitate to reach out to us.
    Best wishes,

    1. Eaglenose - You are definitely not alone. I also have frequent bladder infections. I try to take antibiotics to keep the recurrence of those infections down. I also have terrible bouts with diarrhea that sometimes continues for about four or five days at a time. That is really annoying. But, then again, there are all the different MS symptoms that come and go. Life can be very unsettling sometimes. We just have to power on and keep the faith.

      1. Luckily enough my bladder infections have stopped ... due to me not taking anymore meds (for not having to run to toilet all the time). Therefore I also don't have to catheterise anymore. And I am so much better.

        Unfortunately my partner has left me and so I am all on my own now. But I guess that is life.

        1. Hi @Eaglenose,
          I’m glad you’re not having to deal with the bladder issues anymore! I’m sorry to hear you’re partner left you though. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated!
          Thinking of you,
          Christina, Team

        2. eaglenose - I had bladder infections for awhile and had to cather. So I'm glad that is over for you now. I'm really sorry that your partner left you. You are certainly not going to be alone. We're here for you and there will always be someone here to talk whenever you want to talk.

      2. Hi @Eaglenose,

        Just walked around the grocery store putting lots in the wagon, helped load and unload the car and walked our two dogs. Widespread pain today along with TMJ which is new. My spouse has spinal stenosis (have those problems as well) so he sat in the car. He did unload the car and helped put some things away. He then had to take to bed. I would rather walk through the pain so that I know things are done. I try to stay calm and not compare my pain to his, etc. but that is not working out so well. So I have my spouse's reaction to my situation which can be insensitive at best and other's reactions that they act like on my death's doorstep. Where is the in-between?

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