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Using medical marijuana to jumpstart your dead battery

Living with PPMS for 30+ years, the only thing I have foundto combat cog fog end complete fatigue after three in the afternoon, is a minor dose of sativa cannabis.

  1. I am glad you have found something that helps you feel better, ! Cannabis can definitely be a helpful option for people living with MS. And I am glad it works for you.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I did not know that this could help with brain fog. Does it also help with "Tsunami-like" fatigue? I have PPMS and have nothing prescribed to combat it.

      1. My apologies for my delayed response. To answer your question, yes it has been very beneficial for me. Since using cannabis for the past five years I have not experienced completely disability fatigue, which you cleverly referred to as tsunami-ilke fatigue. I had not heard that term to desribe that overwhelming fatigue. Many times I laid on my floor after a fall, unable to do much more than breathe. Since I've chosen to use cannabis as one of two DMTs that have managed to keep me going in my wheelchair with enough energy to get through the day and enable me to stay up till midnight.

        Having tried Copaxone years ago, with no benefit. Ocrevus, which I discontinued after battling several infections due to the lack of B.cells in my compromised immune system. Neither of these meds produced any noticeable changes in my condition. My experience with sativa strains of cannabis used in small doses bring me physical energy when normally I would be out.

      2. Thanks for that information. I will contact my "alternative medicine physician" with whom I studied medicine many years ago (I did not complete my degree).

    2. I have RRMS and sativa absolutely helps me with a number of my MS-related issues. I could be completely fatigued and a couple puffs of my cape and I can be back to “normal.” It truly is a wonder drug, better than any other medication out there, in my opinion.

      1. LOL I meant to write Vape. 🤦‍♀️ silly MS brain!

      2. wow that's a pretty powerful testimonial! Thanks for sharing what works for you. And I have to say, that feeling back to "normal" probably does make you feel like you're wearing a special cape! 😀
        Alene, Moderator

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