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I have vertigo in morning and early afternoon
Then gets better. Anyone else?

  1. I seem to have it for the whole day or just don't have it on a day. Most days I have it quite bad and I get sick, but one or two days a week I just don't have it. It is bad enough that I am falling quite often now. I am finally on a medication that is suppose to help but so far I have thrown it back up.

    So are you saying you only get it during the daytime and not evenings? Gosh, there are so many strange things with MS.

    The drug I just started on that I can't keep down yet is called Betahistine, have you tried it?

    I also read that there are physiotherapy exercises that can help, does anyone know what those are? A Youtube video or step by step pictures would be great.

    I find it can be the most disabling symptom I have these days since I even cracked a knee cap recently from a fall. They are moving me from a walker to a wheelchair at home for my own safety. But I have those days where I am just not dizzy at all and I hope for a day like that every time I wake up.

    I hope you have found relief or do you try to limitt movement until the evenings?

    1. This was so long ago since anybody had this problem. I have vertigo every time I change position or get up or sit or lie down. I tried taking dramamine, but it just makes me confused. I feel recently on my ankle, which hurts, even though my feet are numb.

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